Welcome to my website Beingstdconscious.com

I discuss safe sex and various Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

Beingstdconscious.com is for anyone who wants to learn about venereal diseases

The objective of this website is not only to bring awareness to STDs but also to help individuals overcome toxic emotions caused by a new STD diagnosis

My wish is that this site will bring back hope into the lives of the people who lost it. To help achieve this goal, I created the pages listed on the menu bar

On my blog, I talk about my personal experience with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and the Human papillomavirus (HPV)

I share my feelings on being newly diagnosed with an STD and reveal tips on how to overcome the stigma associated with it

On the resource page, there is a list of STD testing sites, support groups, Facebook groups as well as tips and tricks for safer sex, and much more

Use the Forum to share your story, because it matters and could potentially help someone else.  The “forum”  is for anyone who would like to share their personal experience with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). You can also use this page as an outlet to let some steam out

Use a fictitious name to remain anonymous

Open and honest communication is encouraged

 Ask me anything you want on my contact page.  You do not have to share your name, and your email address is kept private.  I cannot wait to hear from you and answer your questions!!!

* Please remember that I am not a physician. I will respond to questions based on my personal experience and research.



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